13 November 2020, Moscow

International school on ion channels and integrative structural biology

About School

Ion channels are a wide class of membrane proteins, taking part in a majority of physiological processes in the organism. This school is devoted to the studies of various aspects characterizing the ion channels, starting from the specific features of their functioning in the cell, and finishing with their molecular structures. Special attention is paid to the approaches of structural biology used to elucidate the structure of ion channels and other membrane proteins.

«Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins for Creating New Drugs and Diagnostic Agents»

«The structure and physiology of the ion channels, responsible for cardiac arrhythmias»

The school is supported by the grant of the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) No. 19-74-30014; Head: Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Alexander Arseniev, and by the grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Reseaarch (RFBR) No. 20-54-15004, Head: Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor of RAS, Olga Sokolova.

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Partners and sponsors

  • Российский научный фонд

    Russian Science Foundation

  • РФФИ

    Russian Foundation For Basic Research

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Miklukho-Maklaya 16/10, Moscow